A Unicycle?

unicycleWhy the unicycle in the Rezin Studios logo?

Growing up, my sister had a unicycle. We learned to ride it by going up and down the carpeted hallway in our house, holding on to the walls on either side. It was a great way to learn…probably not the best for the carpet, but it helped us figure out how to balance.  With time, the unicycle ended up in my parents garage collecting dust, so one year I brought it back home with me. Amazingly, just like a bike, you don’t forget how to ride a unicycle!  A few years later my husband surprised me at Christmas with a unicycle of my own. I tried to teach our kids how to ride, but it really takes practice, and a long carpeted hall!  Still, I get it out every year and toodle around the neighborhood. I guess I never want it to be the year I can’t ride a unicycle anymore. Kind of silly, but also something that I am happy I can still do.

So, to me, the unicycle represents working hard to learn something new, practice and perseverance, mastering a skill, whimsy, and balance. Just like creating art and building a business…there is a lot of trial and error, perseverance, some silliness and learning to keep it all in balance!

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