Capturing a Memory

Oak leaf pendant2Creating art and jewelry with a story is especially rewarding.  In our digital age, a handwritten note, poem, or recipe is meaningful, so to preserve the script of  someone special can create a keepsake. This year I created several jewelry and glass art pieces that capture the handwriting of a loved one.

The oak leaf necklace was created for a friend whose father had recently passed. A scan of his signature from a past note to her was transferred to a silver oak leaf and accented with a copper bead.

Bronze keychain

I also created bronze key chains that preserved a special moment for a family. The family was playing an animated game of Balderdash together, and the tag captures the handwriting of the creative game winner, a dear family member who was in hospice at the time.

Molasses CookiesThe molasses cookie plate  captures a special family memory for me. My grandmother loved to make (and enjoy!) molasses cookies, and as she got older, she would sometimes ask me to make the cookies for her. I transferred her handwritten recipe to glass and preserved it in a purple plate (her favorite color).

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