Trim the Tree

AngelDecorating the Christmas tree is a favorite family tradition in our home. Of course, first we trek out to the tree farm to choose the perfect tree, crawl in the snow to saw it down (I must admit I haven’t been under the tree yet…I get to hold it steady while the jiggling saw shakes snow onto the lumberjack below), load it into the trailer, and bring it home where we string it with lights and beaded garland. Then the real decorating begins!



My family laughs as the same comments are exclaimed each year as we open the boxes brimming with memories. “Oh, I remember this one!” or “You made this one for me when…”  Our tree is covered with colorful handmade treasures, souvenirs from trips, kids’ class and club projects, and special gifts. As our kids moved on to their own homes, they took several of their ornaments with them, but somehow our tree is still full, a blend of old and new.

The ornaments I’ve created are a historical snapshot of my creative interests over the years…starting with cross stitch, then quilting, painting and paper arts, and now fused glass snowmen and angels. This year any open spaces on the branches will be filled with sparkling icicles, fused from spare bits of clear glass. The effect over the whole tree is beautiful, and we get to enjoy the ice while cozy and warm inside!

If you’d like some glass icicles, angels, or snowmen to decorate your home, stop by the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass gift shop, or my Holiday Art Show on December 7 at Copper Rock, Appleton (10 am-2 pm), or order online.








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