Turquoise Chopstix Tray

Are you a collector? I never really thought of myself as a collector, until one day I looked in my linen closet. Wow! I guess I love table cloths, napkins and linens. And then a quick glance in our kitchen cupboards reveals my love for dishes. It is said that one’s collections reveal a bit about the collector.

My fondness for linens and dishes probably reflects the joy I get from family dinners and time around the table. Growing up, family dinner time was pretty sacred. We all gathered at dinnertime, sitting in the same place each night, and reconnected, sharing our days. Studies now reveal the importance of family mealtime …we just thought of it as time to eat! Gilded PlateWe continued that family mealtime tradition with our children, and hope it carries on to the next generation as well. We still love gathering with family and friends around the table at meals …whether casually dining outside on barbecue hot off the grill or in the dining room on a special recipe like Lasagna Bolognese lovingly prepared by my husband. Pulling linens or dishes from my “collections” sets the stage for what will be the highlight of the day…time around the table.

Last week at one of my art shows, someone asked about the fused glass trays and platters I had on display. When I described the process, and mentioned that the trays were also food-safe, she said, “And don’t we all deserve to dine on beautiful things?” I couldn’t agree more!


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