Gilded Plate


Are you a collector? I never really thought of myself as a collector, until one day I looked in my linen closet. Wow! I guess I love table cloths, napkins and linens. And then a quick glance in our kitchen cupboards reveals my love for dishes. It is said that one’s collections reveal a bit […]

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Trim the Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is a favorite family tradition in our home. Of course, first we trek out to the tree farm to choose the perfect tree, crawl in the snow to saw it down (I must admit I haven’t been under the tree yet…I get to hold it steady while the jiggling saw shakes […]

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This custom oak leaf necklace preserves the handwriting of a loved one.

Capturing a Memory

Creating art and jewelry with a story is especially rewarding.  In our digital age, a handwritten note, poem, or recipe is meaningful, so to preserve the script of  someone special can create a keepsake. This year I created several jewelry and glass art pieces that capture the handwriting of a loved one. The oak leaf necklace was […]

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Piccolo Bracelet

Bracelet Chosen for Non-traditional Materials Gallery

This fall, I was excited to learn my piccolo bracelet was chosen to be included in Art Jewelry Magazine’s online gallery of non-traditional materials! The bracelet is made from the keys of an old silver-plated piccolo. After removing the keys from the instrument, I filled them with small circles of sheet music, then capped the […]

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A Unicycle?

Why the unicycle in the Rezin Studios logo? Growing up, my sister had a unicycle. We learned to ride it by going up and down the carpeted hallway in our house, holding on to the walls on either side. It was a great way to learn…probably not the best for the carpet, but it helped us […]

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