Special Orders

Oak leaf pendant2Preserving a loved one’s handwriting in glass or jewelry or permanently capturing the leaves from a special bouquet in glass will create a truly memorable gift!

Handwriting may be set in fine silver (.999) or bronze, perfect for custom jewelry pieces. Your special script may also be preserved in glass and used in small pendants or earrings, or in larger glass pieces like plates or wall hangings. Rose Leaves

Do you have leaves from a special bouquet, a vacation spot, or maybe your garden that you would like preserved in glass?  The leaves burn away during the fusing process, but their image remains in the glass. For example, the tray at right is 13″ x 4″ and features two rose leaf branches preserved in pale green set on taupe-colored glass with a golden iridized coating. 

Contact me with your ideas for custom jewelry and glass. 


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